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Kamm Bar Pro

The new generation of commercial vehicles needs the new generation of van accessories. Aerodynamic, stylish and corrosion resistant, KammBar Pro is the leading roof bar of choice for professional van users. Made from anodised aluminium, KammBar Pro increases the storage capability of any van, while its modern design not only provides great aesthetics but also limits wind noise. With two pairs of load stops supplied as standard the KammBar Pro is the ultimate roof bar system to take your van to the next level.

The unique shape of the bar profile is inspired by the work of Professor Wunibald Kamm – a pioneering aerodynamicist who established that a teardrop shape such as this is ideal for reducing drag.

The final touch to our premium roof bar solution, all KammBar Pro systems come with two pairs of our brand new design load stops as standard.

Supplied with the saddles loosely fastened into place within the legs, allowing for quick and easy fitment

.Manufactured from anodised aluminium to prevent rusting, making the system extremely durable in all weather conditions.


Extremely aerodynamic and our quickest ever fitting roof rack, requiring only person to install, the new KammRack replaces Rhino’s AluminiumRack product, which was a market leading commercial vehicle roof storage system.

While at first glance the new rack looks similar to its predecessor, a large number of changes have gone into taking this product to the next level. Most notably, and as implied by the new name, the rack now benefits from the ultra-aerodynamic ‘Kamm’ bar profile, as well as sharing its feet with the KammBar range.


KammRack Black

Introducing the KammRack Black.

All the market leading features of the regular KammRack, but with a stylish black finish.

The highly aerodynamic nose cones provide minimal wind noise and great aesthetics – now with matching colour side frames for a seamless all-black finish.

he rear roller is made from anodised aluminium, which is every bit as strong as its steel predecessor. The rear roller clicks into place when fitting, with two simple track nuts in the side frames.

As modern commercial vehicles continue to reduce in weight, the requirement for strong but lightweight accessories has also increased. The KammRack Black shares the same weight reduction as the regular KammRack, without compromising on strength.

Tow Step

The TowStep is a rear access step which features a user friendly removable centre section, allowing a trailer to be attached effortlessly in a matter of seconds. This feature allows trailers to complete an impressive industry leading turning angle of 110 degrees. With the bolts provided, the TowStep can be fitted trouble-free to any flange type towbar.

Provided with all necessary fittings for easy installation to your towbar, the TowStep is also available with or without reverse sensors. For selective vehicles, Rhino offer the Connect+, to seamlessly integrate the step into your vehicle’s existing electronics. The anti-slip tread is available in either black or yellow.




Rhino Products’ ImpactStep protects your vehicle from low-speed parking and loading impacts. This significantly reduces body repair costs and vehicle downtime, which leads to big savings, particularly across entire fleets. ImpactStep is fitted with advanced shock absorbing units and a special pivoting bracket that protects the vehicle from low-speed impacts to keep your van moving.

I bought a roof box and roof bars here, the team were fantastic. I walked in with no knowledge of what I needed and they quickly advised me of what would be best suited. The box was in stock and the roof bars arrived on order within 24 hours. The products were discounted off list price without me having to ask & fitting was completed within 48 hours of my first visit and all with a smile.



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