Vehicle Specific Wiring

As well as fitting towbars we are specialists in fitting vehicle specific electrical wiring kits, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with the existing electrical system on the vehicle.

Vehicle specific wiring kits are designed to work in harmony with the vehicle and fully integrate with all of the cars safety and towing systems as well as allowing the car to know when a trailer is being towed. If the car has been wired using a simple bypass relay, it cannot see the trailer and the towing safety features will not be activated.

When the car knows it is towing it can interact with some of the following towing related safety systems.

Trailer Stability Programs
Built in Bulb Failure Indicator Systems
Brake Electronics
Park Distance Control Systems
Fog Light Cut Off
Reversing Cameras
Adaptive Cruise Control
Suspension Systems
Cooling Systems
The list above does not just apply to high specification luxury vehicles, but can be found in an increasing number of “normal” towing vehicles. If the vehicle has been wired with a bypass relay it cannot interact with the vehicles towing specific systems. This could lead to an increased risk of damage to the vehicle.

As well as fitting the electrics we also have the necessary coding equipment to activate the towing functions on your vehicle if required.

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