Folding / Transformer Trailer

General Purpose Trailer

The Transforma is 750Kg Gross weight, 570kg Payload
183cm x 118cm x29cm

After several years of development, Blyss are the first to bring a folding trailer in this variant on the German market. Our 750 kg trailer has the advantage that it also fits in garages and cellars, where any space must be saved. Through the cranks on the front mounted winch works and raises the trailer on its own, thereby folding the wheels and the drawbar under the loading area.
Even after folding, the trailer is still fully rangeable and can be placed where it should go.
The body is made of stable, welded together and hot-dip galvanized steel profiles.
The floor is made of weatherproof multiplex wood or screen printed panels.
Standing measure: 196cm high - 127 cm wide - 35 cm deep

£1,325.00 £1,195.00